Fostering Civil & Informed Communications

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GNA has figured out a way to shift negative behaviors on social media, including hateful and unproductive comments, into a respectful community of informed opinions, factual resources, and balanced discussions on the world’s issues.

Users can cut through the chatter by anonymously rating each other’s posts as informed opinions or just facts via our multi-tiered rating system, eliminating the fear of being identified and vilified.

This format fosters an environment of innovation, integrity, and accountability, solving the current issues surrounding social media in today’s society.

A Tier Above Other News Apps

There is a need for global connectivity and the ability to share credible information without fear of being vilified by those with opposing views. Welcome to GNA, a new way to receive and discuss news.

  • GNA is an online democracy in which each user determines the value and veracity of news content shared by others, anonymously ranking them accordingly.
  • Our unique and impartial social media platform fosters critical thinking and a culture of respect for one another.
  • Filter through trustworthy and accurate news content while restoring respectful discourse.

Every individual deserves the opportunity to exchange views and learn about significant moments that impact our lives and our world. GNA makes it possible to escape the media chaos, be part of an informed global news community, and participate in intelligent discussions. GNA. Our Platform – Your Voice.

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